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Wedge Vent
The only proven moisture release system that prevents and cures paint failure and cedar bleed problems on shingles and clapboard siding (also called lap siding.)

The Problem: Paint Failure

Cedar Bleed

A major problem facing painting contractors and homeowners, alike, is paint failure and/or cedar bleed (tanning) caused by unwanted moisture buildup. The problem is common to houses of all types and ages, but it is most prevalent on houses with red cedar shingles or clapboard siding.

Donald R. Ross, founder of Donald R. Ross and Son in Lynnfield, Massachusetts has developed and patented The WedgeVent™ System - an innovative, affordable product which will keep your paint job in perfect condition for years.

There are 3 major symptoms of paint failure due to trapped moisture buildup:

  • Blisters
  • Cedar bleed (or tanning)
  • Rusty nail heads Blisters can range in size from inches to feet and may actually have water held in them (see photos)

Cedar bleed, a rust colored surface discoloration, appears in and near soft and split wood grain since moisture will always follow the path of least resistance.

Rusty nail heads occur when moisture, following the easiest route out, flows past the steel nail causing rust to form around the head.

These are some of the typical paint failurest that homes are encountering:

The Problem - Moisture The Problem - Moisture
Moisture behind the clapboards or shingles forcing its way out, destroying the paint.
The Problem - Peeling The Problem - Peeling
Installed properly on the side of a home, these problems can be solved with the Wedgevent™ system.
The Problem - Peelilng The Problem - Peeling